COVID-19 BCAPOP Program Member Resources

Please see the below evidence-based resources that can be used by programs via social media and email to support participants.  This site will be updated daily until further notice.

BCAPOP Resources

  • If programs wish to refer their participants to any of the daily (M-F) online groups at The Tree (e.g. Mothers for Recovery Support Group) please have your participant email
  • BCAPOP partnered with Family Resource Programs of BC to create a COVID-19 Participant Handout and a List of Online Trainings for POP workers who have been given time to do education during COVID-19.
  • BCAPOP is distributing Resource Packages and/or PSU Mini-grant Top-up Funds to 59 Member Programs in April 2020
  • BCAPOP Prenatal In A Day Recording (3hours) can be found on the member portal for us during COVID-19 with participants
  • BCAPOP has listed groups available to BCAPOP Program Member Participants on a limited time basis during the COVID-19 Crisis.  Login to the BCAPOP Member Portal for more information. 
  • Starting March 17th BCAPOP has scheduled virtual check-ins for Members  (check your email for dates login info or email  See notes on discussions below.
  • BCAPOP has three Member Programs utilizing the BCAPOP virtual platform during April as they get their own virtual platform secured.
  • BCAPOP will continue to update this webpage and the BCAPOP facebook page on a daily basis until further notice with resources
  • BCAPOP is continuing to run at full capacity with a focus on providing support to programs and will continue to rollout all programming

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Summary of Member to Member Suggestions from March 17th-onward BCAPOP Member Virtual Check-in

Please note that the suggestions below do not necessarily represent the suggestions of BCAPOP and are simply tips shared amongst program members.

Grocery Vouchers
    • mailing grocery vouchers to participants
    • sending e-cards from grocery stores directly to participants via email
    • collaborating with local grocery store to hand out gift cards/credit labelled with names/participant show ID
    • concerns surrounding families running out of formula for formula fed babies and some communities running low/running out of formula already
    • food security/baby needs (e.g. diapers) concerns
    • programs encouraging families to access grocery apps that allow for price matching at more expensive stores for items that would be cheaper at lower cost stores that have run out of items (e.g. "FLIP" app)
Food bags/boxes/share
    • leaving food bags outside of program doors for pick up by participants (some programs have a "drop box")
    • making sure a POP worker is at window to wave and check off that participant actually received goods
    • having agency volunteers or staff delivery food bags and baby care items to participant homes and dropping outside with no contact at all (for those in isolation)
    • providing cooked meal prepared with foodsafe for pick up outside of program
Appointments (on-site and alternatives)
    • only seeing participants 1:1 once screened by organizations screening policy
    • only seeing participants via telephone, text or on virtual platforms
    • calling all participants and making regular phone appointments for those with higher needs
    • huge concerns regarding participants who do not have access to a cell phone, landline, wifi, internet or a fixed address


  • some programs screening clients as per their organization prior to providing outreach
  • some programs limiting outreach to a phone call and dropping resources at the door
  • some organizations have guideline around wearing personal protective gear and providing outreach, but there are concerns regarding personal safety of outreach workers
  • discussion surrounding that people are still going to get pregnant, need support, perhaps continue substance use, etc and what role POPs have in supporting this vulnerable population during this crisis
  • concerns regarding finding ways to support participants who deliver outside of the community and need access to hotels, food, support etc.

Group Activities

  • holding zero group activities, inside or outside
  • holding group meetings on virtual platforms (please contact BCAPOP if your program does not have this technology)
  • getting access to online recovery support groups to those with substance use (Mother for Recovery to advertise open online group in the near future)
  • using social media to stay connected with participants and distribute activities, hope, mental health resources, etc.
  • Virtual group ideas: community kitchens (drop off or pick up of ingredients, then live cooking class), prenatal class (BCAPOP will launch March 30th), virtual check-in, PPD, breastfeeding cafĂ©, community garden (distribute seeds and resources around gardening), craft time (distribute craft supplies, then complete as a group live) 
  • Please login to the BCAPOP Member Portal to get access to groups that are available for all BCAPOP Program Participants for a limited time during the COVID-19 Crisis


  • some programs reviewing logic models/work plans to adapt services
  • programs looking for ways to provide parenting, learning, prenatal, and activities virtually/online
  • reminders that some participants are more resilient and resourceful and that our worry can be calmed sometimes by just listening to how they are doing via telephone
  • taking care of ourselves is important as well as support people
  • encouraging participants to start a garden for activity and food security

Longer-term Concerns

    • concerns of reduced access for families to PHNs once groups resume
    • proper sanitization of toys in childminding areas while closed
    • concerns surrounding mental health of moms and families in isolation
    • concerns of POP workers compensation, employment and paid hours
    • ideas surrounding how to support POP workers that are laid off 

Attendance Tally for BCAPOP Virtual Check-ins

March 17, 2020- 21

March 18, 2020- 16

March 19, 2020- 13

March 20, 2020- 16

March 23, 2020- 15

March 25, 2020-13

March 27, 2020- 9

April 2, 2020- 11

April 13,2020- 5

April 28, 2020- 17

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