Speaker Handouts


In an effort to minimize paper use conference delegates are asked to print and bring their own copy of the speaker handouts for their reference during the event or to view them on-line.

Keynote Presentation

Relationship Matters: Harnessing the Power of Attachment
Preparing for Parenthhood, Relationship Matters - Dr. Neufeld.pdf

Breakout Sessions

Clear Communication: Fostering Awareness, Understanding and Trust
Experience Cube - R Davidson.docx

Breastfeeding Support and Infant Nutrition
Breastfeeding Support Resource List - M. Brophy.pdf
Trauma-informed Breastfeeding Support - M. Brophy.pdf

21st Annual
BCAPOP Conference

 October 18-20, 2017

BC Association of Pregnancy Outreach Programs
www.bcapop.ca | popinfo@bcapop.ca

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