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The Healthy Care Pregnancy Program (HCPP) aims to better support pregnant, postpartum and newly parenting people who use or have used substances. It creates and utilizes formal connections between acute care facilities and community organizations, who are also BCAPOP Program Members. This program was created and is implemented in collaboration with the Provincial Perinatal Substance Use Program, BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre, Provincial Health Services Authority.

Program Outcomes

    • Maintaining parent-baby togetherness regardless of custody or guardianship status.

    • Supporting holistic wellness and addressing acute medical complexity and social determinants of health for both the participants and their infants.

    • Building confidence and self-efficacy within participants and their families.

    • Identifying pressure points in the system of care for intervention or support.

CENTRAL STRATEGIES OF HCPP & Program Highlights 2020-2024

374 participants

agreed to enter the program during their pregnancy or postpartum.

1324 HCPP meetings

coordinated by an inreach worker with the participant and their identified support team.

151 participants

roomed-in postpartum with their baby.

    • Provide trauma-informed, culturally safe and responsive support to a caseload of 4 - 7 participants who are either pregnant, postpartum or newly parenting up to 7 months postpartum.

    • Focus on participants who are not already accessing existing services and programs and who are experiencing risks to their health and well-being (i.e. unstable housing, food insecurity, lack of prenatal care, poverty, intimate partner violence, and/or system racism.

    • Meet with participants throughout their perinatal journey, walking alongside them and supporting their access it basic needs, services, transitions, etc., and coordinating Healthy Care Pregnancy Meetings to help them reach their self-identified goals.
3104  accompaniments

to other services, appointments and agency introductions.

216 participants

connected to prenatal education by an inreach worker.

398 supervised

visits coordinated by the HCPP inreach worker for participant and baby / children.


BCAPOP is now ready to expand the number of sites offering HCPP to other community organizations with the capacity and passion to offer HCPP to pregnant, postpartum and newly parenting people who use (or have used) substances.



Click the links below for printable items:

Find an HCPP Inreach Worker

A pregnancy inreach worker is here to walk alongside you on your journey if you use or have used substances and feel you could use extra support.



Email Andrea Grady, Project Manager, at for more information.

BCAPOP acknowledges that this pilot project is funded by the Provincial Perinatal Substance Use Program, BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre, PHSA.

Mailing Address 
| 230-1210 Summit Drive, #425  | Kamloops BC | V2C 6M1 | | Text or call 778-584-6147

Charitable Registration Number: 82153 3072 RR0001

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