Perinatal substance use resources

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BCAPOP Handbook Supplement: Perinatal Substance Use Sep 2019.pdf

Resources for Pregnancy Outreach Program Participants

BCAPOP Breastfeeding & Harm Reduction Pamphlet (Coming soon!)

Women and Cannabis Info Sheet (2017)

Women and Prescription Opioids Info Sheet (2017)

Cannabis and Pregnancy Don't Mix Fact Sheet (2019)

Alcohol and Pregnancy Don't Mix Fact Sheet (2019)

Health Link BC- Substance Use

Resources for Pregnancy Outreach Program Staff

BCAPOP Pregnancy Outreach Worker Tip Sheets (Coming Soon!)

BCAPOP Breastfeeding Safety Plan Template (Coming Soon!)

BCAPOP Safety Planning Template (Coming Soon!)

Change Talk Motivational Interviewing Courses (NEW!)

FASD Awareness Materials Order Form- BC Liquor distribution Branch (NEW!)

Healthiest Babies Possible Summary 2018-2019.pdf (NEW!)

Gender Inclusive Language: Building Relationships with New Clients (PHSA)

America's Deadliest Drug: Fentanyl | Patriot Act With Hasan Minaj | Netflix (Aug 2019)

Doorways to Conversations (2018)

Harm Reduction and Pregnancy Booklet

Naloxone Online Training

Facility Overdose Response Box

Naloxone Use in Pregnancy

Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder During Pregnancy: Guideline Supplement (2018)

Gender-based Violence Training

BCAPOP General Member Recording- Trauma Informed Lactation Support with Tina Revai, RN, MN, IBCLC (June 2019)

Trauma Informed Practice Guide (2013)

CanFASD Fact Sheet

FAS World

Public Health Agency of Canada

Girls, Women, Alcohol, and Pregnancy

Perinatal Substance Use Programs Around the Province

Fir Square, BC Women's Hospital, Vancouver

Sheway, Vancouver (Proud BCAPOP Member)

Family Tree Family Centre, Kamloops (Proud BCAPOP Member)

Karis Society, Kelowna (Proud BCAPOP Member)

Heartwood Residential Treatment Centre, Vancouver

Harmony House, Prince George (Proud BCAPOP Member)

Ellendale Residential Treatment, Vancouver (Proud BCAPOP Member)

Maxxine Wright Community Health Centre, Surrey (Proud BCAPOP Member)

HerWay Home, Victoria (Proud BCAPOP Member)

Peardonville Residential Treatment, Abbotsford

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