Health Care Pregnancy Program Pilot

The “Healthy Care Pregnancy Program” pilot aims to better support pregnant and newly parenting individuals who use or have used substances in the province, and will utilize formal connections between 8-10 acute care facilities and 8-10 BCAPOP Program Members*.

The launch will commence with Royal Inland Hospital and a BCAPOP Program Member in Kamloops due to existing connections, relationships and identified need. 

The other 7-9 acute care facility sites have not yet been selected. They will be selected in the coming weeks by the Provincial Perinatal Substance Use Project team in collaboration with Regional Working Groups.

Once the acute care sites are selected, based on need, interest and number of birth rates, the BCAPOP Program Members within that city will be approached directly to be invited to apply for the funds to carry out the pilot program.  The funds that the selected BCAPOP Program Member receives will be dedicated to hiring or enhancing staff for a registered nurse or registered social worker to work directly with the target population to support best outcomes under the guidelines of the pilot program. 

Eligible BCAPOP Program Members who are invited to apply will be reviewed, assessed and selected by a committee of objective professionals who are not affiliated with any of the BCAPOP Program Members applying, and who have intimate knowledge of that community assets, challenges and systems.  The BCAPOP Executive Director, Heather Cameron, and the BCAPOP Board of Directors will NOT be part of this selection process (due to the obvious conflict of interest). 

Please be sure to have access to your BCAPOP registered email over the next four weeks to be sure you receive updates on upcoming opportunities as they become available.

*Please note: The Healthy Care Pregnancy Program Pilot is open to BCAPOP Program Members in good standing as of December 1, 2019. BCAPOP may consider Associate Members in good standing as of December 1, 2019 based on the selected acute care facilities.

Healthy Care Pregnancy Program Pilot Project Key Points

Acute to Community Partnership

    • Leveraging existing relationships to provide hospital based in-reach through the Healthy Care Pregnancy Programs through 8-10 acute care/hospital sites in BC
    • BCAPOP to engage with acute care and regional working groups in process
    • 8-10 BCAPOP Program Members to receive funding for a BSW or RN to provide in-reach into hospitals

Healthy Care Pregnancy Program Pilot Project

    • In-reach into acute care to support pregnant and parenting women using substances in community and postpartum (0-7 months at minimum)
    • Focused on women experiencing risks to their health and well-being (e.g. unstable housing, poverty)
    • Meeting with the women throughout the pregnancy, walking along side her journey and supporting her access to basic needs, transitions, etc.

Anticipated Outcomes

    • Maintaining mother baby togetherness
    • Supporting holistic wellness and addressing chronic health issues and needs for both the women and the infant
    • Building confidence and self efficacy 
    • Identifying pressure points in the system of care for intervention/support


Heather Cameron,
Executive Director at

BC Association of Pregnancy Outreach Programs |

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